The firm of Eltvedt & O’Sullivan was constituted in 1982 and emanates from the firm of Eltvedt & Knapp which was itself founded in Marseille in 1896. Within the team, our special claims investigators have knowledge of marine insurance practices, not only in Europe but also on the African continent, as the appointed European Agents to the Africa based Managers of the TCI Africa network. Our multilingual international staff is strongly motivated to secure results in the interests of the clients we serve.


Sylvain joined us in 2021 with an enthusiasm beyond reproach, having to hand a graduate and post graduate Law degree from Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence and thereafter an LLM in international shipping law from the University of London, pursuant to which he has worked both in France and the U.K. A true polyglot and an accomplished international oarsman, holding lawbook and eager to travel further afield, convinced that all disputes can be negotiated – Sylvain is indeed keen to make his mark in defence of shipowners and marine liabilities both in France as on the African Continent.


There is too much that P&I Clubs can say about Diane and there is not much that Diane cannot say about P&I, having 40 years of very hard working and international experience. There is only one Diane and we, as also a lot of shipowners, would all be lost without her. She is an example to us all and a vital part of the team.


Elda is a qualified lawyer both before the Panamanian and Spanish Bar. She also holds a Master Degree in Maritime Law from the University of Aix-en-Provence and has obtained the Insurance and Reinsurance Mediator Certification in Spain. For over the last 16 years, Elda has been running INDECO (Barcelona) and handling P&I Claims and maritime lawsuits. As from 2020 she is working also in cooperation with Eltvedt & O’Sullivan and is involved particularly with TCI MAGHREB. She is perfectly trilingual Spanish, English and French – moving well between Barcelona and Marseille and always available with a smile.


With more than 30 years in P&I field, Valérie is qualified in Maritime Law (University of Aix-en-Provence). In permanent contact with our correspondents, TCI Africa network, and our clients, she particularly handles stowaway cases and personal injury problems.

Jean Laurent GARNIER

With some twenty years’ experience of handling Marine liabilities, claims and risks management, Jean-Laurent, previously called to the Marseille Bar and with sound experience of the African Continent, joined us like a fish in water and with his “Iron Man” discipline coupled with a good sense of humour – provided an additional and important asset to our defense of sea carriers’ liabilities in multi casualty and pan African forums…


Nadine was “born” into a maritime environment by virtue of her father, Capt. Gérard Colin, who was sailing the seven seas at the time … Nadine’s father ran TCI Conakry (Guinea) for several years, as we act as Club correspondents in this difficult area of the world, and Nadine joined him as his assistant some 26 years back. After TCI Conakry, she served with TCI Abidjan (Ivory Coast) where she remained on post for a further four years before returning to Marseille in 2002 where, by reason of her experience of the African Continent with TCI (Africa), Nadine has become an important link to our Chain of offices now present on the African Continent. She handles principally cargo tallies/claims and negotiation of security and has wide knowledge of the P&I world in general. We are fortunate to have her with us.


A law graduate of Toulouse University and a post graduate of both Newcastle, Australia and Aix-en-Provence where she specialised in Marine Law, she then spent her 2 first years in Paris with a leading French Insurance company. After 26 years experience in the P&I field, she is well equipped to handle a very wide range of Iiability claims and particularly enjoys charter party disputes and debts recoveries in Africa. Now working in cooperation with Indeco Barcelona to provide continued assistance.


Dermot O’Sullivan is a barrister and holds an M.A., L.L.B. from Trinity College Dublin. Having spent a few years in a leading P&I Club, he would now be entitled to write « 30 years in Provence » and in, terms of defending shipowners liabilities and negotiating claims, we beleve he is second to none. He also leads the team.


A former mariner who served in various capacities with both deep sea and off-shore marine companies Simon joined Eltvedt & O’Sullivan in 2012. Having worked with and in West Africa on and off throughout his career he has a wealth of experience and knowledge of vessel operations and maritime matters in the region. He also has in-depth experience of the container industry having previously work in a management capacity for some of the largest container carriers in the world. In his current capacity as Marine and Technical Manager Simon shares his knowledge and experience with us and is a valuable member of the team.

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