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With offices throughout the African Continent and the Indian Ocean, TCI Africa has since the last Century built up a solid reputation as a professional and independent organisation. As consultants to the Marine Insurance world and as superintendents for sea-carriers trading to the African Continent, loss prevention plays a major role.

Expatriate staff is maintained in the hub-offices with direct control over offices in the immediate geographical sub-regions. Working initially for the P&l market and backed up by a solid management team of practical lawyers and experiences claim handlers in Marseilles, TCI Africa has developed its activities to include superintendence and consultancy work for a wide range of clients in the European & North American markets.

Given the context of Africa, emphasis is placed on rapid transmission of information to Principals using the latest communication methods accompanied with first hand advice on the local situation. Potentially expensive claims can thus be controlled and limited.

Regular flow of information on the local port situations to the Managers places the latter in an ideal position to advise Owners on problem areas and cargoes. TCI Africa’s experience has thus led to the development of effective loss control programmes.